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High Performance Amplification

"A High Level of Value or Excellence."

1.)  Wright Audio's designs extract the maximum audio quality that only tube technology can provide and does so at reasonable cost.

2.)  The Most Useful Features - Wright Audio amplifiers have the  switching and control features to satisfy the most demanding installations.

3.)  Compact Designs - Wright Audio's amplifiers can fit anywhere.

4.)  Non-Obsolescent Construction - Wright Audio's designs use only commonly available tube types, operated conservatively, and are user replaceable.     Amplifier designs using limited production run tubes or discontinued tube types so common among other brands is not acceptable.

No circuit boards.  Hand-wiring means that parts and circuits can be changed or upgraded at any future time by Wright Audio without entire product obsolescence.

5.)  Reliability - Wright Audio amplifiers are so well-constructed that they carry one of the strongest  Warranties  in the business.  Because they are made in the United States, service can be quickly and competently obtained if required.

  Our listening criteria: Proper attack and decay of notes, rich, correct harmonic structure of instruments, purity of tone without edginess, dynamic shading between loud and soft, and full dimensional display of instruments.



LT-6P Preamplifier

LT-6P Stereo Tube Preamplifier
with Bass, Treble Controls
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Integrated Amplifiers
For those seeking a compact, single-chassis solution with a minimum of performance compromise, the Wright Audio Tube Integrated Amplifiers offer the highest sound quality reproduction possible.

Royale SE6

Royale SE6 Single-Ended
Integrated Amplifier
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Wright Audio Mini Amplifier

Mini Integrated Amplifier
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