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Wright Audio



The Wright Audio Companions' glass-mirrored sides and top reflect the surroundings blending into any decor.  The added cabinet wall density, to almost one-inch thick, eliminates all vibration and sound transmission through the cabinet for a cleaner midrange and bass.  The sealed cabinet's proprietary internal baffling matrix technique breaks up the internal standing waves resulting in a refreshing lack of 'box' sound so common to other smaller speakers.

This speaker system has been engineered to be compatible with nearly any solid-state receiver or amplifier and is rather forgiving of flaws in either source material or associated components.


-  Compact, sealed enclosure design with 6.5 inch custom woofer-midrange, a premium quality 1.1-inch exposed dome tweeter and a phase-coherent crossover provides a large soundstage and outstanding sonic imaging.

-  Sensitivity: 92 dB / 1 watt / 1 meter

-  Frequency Response 3dB Down Points:  55 cycles and 16.5K

-  Recommended Listening Distance:  6 to 14 feet.

-  Impedance:  8 ohms

-  Size:  8 inches wide x 15 inches high x 12 inches deep.

-  Weight:  23 lbs each.

-  Maximum continuous power handling:  60 watts per channel

-  4-way recessed binding posts.

-  Assembled in U.S. using U.S. and Global components.


Companions Back


 $1165 / Pair
U.S. Shipping: $95



or call (971) 983-8012
9AM to 5PM Pacific Time Mon. - Sat.

Available only directly from Wright Audio.

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