Updated Feb 8,, 2023

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The Wright Audio
Mini Amplifier

Single-Ended Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Wright Audio Mini Amplifier

This amplifier is suitable for low power uses in any kind of personal music system where high quality sound is desired, such as for an apartment or a bedroom system where music is listened to at closer distances or at moderate levels.  It is, of course, also suitable for large, very high efficiency speakers in a music lover's main system. 

Within its low power output, the “Mini Amplifier's” sound quality exceeds that of many other company's full-size components.

Wright Audio doesn't make sound or construction quality compromises according to an amplifier's size or power output.

A physically smaller amplifier than the Wright Audio Mini requires too much compromise.  Examples are amplifiers with cheap 'switching' and wall-wart type power supplies which have no place in music reproduction, those using tiny output transformers and amplifiers which display tubes on the chassis yet use transistors as the output devices.  These are simply 'novelty' amplifiers.

Despite its size, this amplifier follows our high standards of quality for both sound and construction:

1.)  Oversized output transformers with extended high-frequency response, capable of handling 3 times the power output.
2.)  A rugged vacuum tube power supply which operates at only 35% capacity.
3.)  A power transformer specially wound for low mechanical noise and restricted electrical field, operating at only 60% capacity.
4.)  All hard-wired construction for easy updates.  No circuit boards.
5.)  Uses currently-manufactured, popular and best-sounding tube types for this application. 
6.)  No solid-state devices, integrated circuits or transistors anywhere in the amplifier.

We've used the best parts found in our larger amplifiers known to make a sonic difference, such as the special taper conductive plastic volume control, the Silmic capacitors and the oversized tube power supply which supplies almost three times the capability than required. 

The small EL84 / 6BQ5 output tubes are preferred by some audiophiles over the larger types for musicality.   In this amplifier, the electrical operating parameters of this tube have been set more conservatively than usual for longer tube life with a slight reduction in power output.   

The amplifier is offered in two output tube connection options:  Triode or Partial Pentode.  The Triode version offers a very pure, peakless sound with great detail, depth and better separation between acoustic instruments.  The Partial Pentode version offers a more alive, vivid midrange with more dynamics and slightly more power output.  Choice of these options is determined by the type of music preferred.  The degree of difference between them is subtle but noticeable with some extended listening.  For general listening,  we feel the Partial Pentode option is best in this amplifier and offered as standard.  Email us if triode connection is desired.

For more connection options and higher output power, see the Royale SE6 Integrated Amplifier.



  • Tube Complement:  (2) ECC83 / 12AX7,  (2)  EL84 / 6BQ5,  (1) GZ34 / 5AR4.  Supplied with reproduction Tung-Sol and Mullard tubes.

  • Output Wattage Per Channel: 
    Triode Version: 2 watts
    Partial Pentode: 3 watts

  • Frequency Response:  20 - 30KHz  @ - 1 dB

  • Controls:  Power, Inputs A and B Selector Switch, Stereo Volume, Left and Right Channel Level Presets.
    The Left / Right level presets replace the more standard 'Balance' control which is a 'half-set' control, meaning the signal is always going through half the potentiometer, not good for sound.  Normally, these level presets are turned all the way up.  Lower the louder channel in order to balance the volume of the two channels. Turning both controls down can also compensate for unusually high output source components.

  • 2 inputs.  Accommodates all line-level sources with an analog output.

  • Over-specified vacuum tube power supply enhances resolution, provides the purest sound and slower warm-up for longer parts life.

  • Accommodates 4 or 8 ohm speakers.  Not for headphone use.

  • Gold-plated jacks and heavy duty 5-way binding posts which accept banana plugs.

  • Detachable IEC power cable.

  • Externally-mounted fuse.

  • All point-to-point wiring.  Non obsolescent construction.  No circuit boards used for ease of installation of future possible upgrades.

  • Glossy, black-anodized non-magnetic aluminum heavy-duty chassis for minimum electrical and mechanical interference for quiet operation.

  • Black solid-oak side panels.

  • Size:  Compact 13" x 9" x 7 1/2" high.

  • Weight:  13 lbs.

  • THREE YEAR WARRANTY  (Tubes: 3 Months.)

  • Designed and assembled in the U.S. using U.S. and Global components.


Download Instruction Manual

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or call (971) 983-8012
9AM to 5PM Pacific Time Mon. - Sat.

Available only directly from Wright Audio.



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