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Wright Audio

CS-1 / CS-2


Model CS-2

The CS-1 and CS-2 High Fidelity Speakers have been specially designed to provide unusually high quality sound when an installation requires a smaller speaker. These sonically-adjustable speakers provide superior sound 1.) on a shelf or table-top as part of a stereo system in a smaller room and 2.) for a sophisticated desktop computer work station where quality audio is required.

The CS-1, with its 4-inch lower-midrange/bass driver, provides the best sonic solution when a separate subwoofer system can be employed. The CS-2 with its 5 1/4 lower-midrange / bass driver has a better frequency balance if it is necessary that it be used alone and a separate subwoofer is not practical.

Both CS-1 and CS-2 models attain their unusually high sensitivity and special performance by using a built-in adjustable active crossover and a 'booster' power amplifier on the midrange-bass driver. There is a completely passive crossover on the large two-inch upper-midrange / high frequency dome.

The active crossover / amplifier enables the user to continually adjust both the volume of the lower midrange-bass cone driver and its crossover frequency relative to the passive dome. It adjusts those lower-midrange frequencies which are critical to a satisfactory balance in the difficult tabletop and shelf environment. The speaker adjusts for:

1.) The listener's distance to the speaker.

2.) The immediate physical reflective environment in which it is placed.

3.) The sonic character of the components connected to it.

4.) To suit the user's individual taste and hearing.

This flexibility means that the speakers can assimilate much more quickly and successfully in a much wider variety of installations than other speakers.

This flexibility is not meant to substitute for standard bass and treble controls found on preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers and receivers. Those controls are meant to compensate for frequencies at the more extreme high and low portions of the spectrum. They will likely be necessary to compensate for widely varying program material particularly from the internet, for room acoustics and for individual taste.

Another significant advantage is that the internal 'booster amplifier' increases the gain of the lower-midrange / bass driver to match that of the much higher sensitivity aluminum dome thereby increasing the overall sensitivity of the speaker system to around 90 db, 1 watt, 1 meter. That sensitivity figure includes the bass frequencies around 70 cycles (for the CS-1 with the 4-inch driver) and 50 cycles (for the CS-2 with the 5 1/4-inch driver) accounting for the unusually strong bass performance of these speakers.  It also makes it possible to use lower-wattage amplifiers, including superior small tube amplifiers, with such a small speaker.


Model CS-1

Model CS-1 Back

CS-1 Features

*   The cabinet's height and angled front panel correctly places the speaker drivers at a seated listener's
     ear level when placed on a desk or table during computer use.

*   4-inch lower midrange-bass driver with aluminum cone and long-travel suspension.

*   2-inch upper midrange-tweeter driver with aluminum dome provides extreme clarity.
    The aluminum composition of both diaphragms is the reason the speakers' sound character remains
    consistent from bass to treble.

*   Continuously variable volume level and frequency crossover points affecting only the bass-lower
     midrange relative to the upper-midrange / tweeter.

*   8 ohms.  Sensitivity: 90 db 1 watt @ 1 meter.  25-watt internal woofer-lower midrange power amplifier.

*   Passive crossover with no resistors or attenuation to the midrange-tweeter dome.

*   High durability black textured finish.

*   Size:  17"H x 6 7/8" x 7 1/2"D

*   Weight:  12 lbs.

*   3-Year Warranty.

*   For 115-120 Volts AC, 60 Cycles.

*   Made in U.S.A. using U.S. and Global parts.


Model CS-2

CS-2 Back

CS-2 Features
Includes all the CS-1 features plus:

*   Substitutes a larger 5 1/4-inch bass-midrange driver in a slightly larger cabinet:
     17" H  x  6 7/8" W  x  9" D.   Weight:  14 lbs.

*   Adds an RCA line level input for use with an amplifier's preamplifier output for the lower
    midrange-bass driver plus a separate speaker-level upper midrange-tweeter input for hookup

*   Adds an acoustically-transparent, thin fabric curved grill.  No sound-coloring 'grill frame' used.


CS-1, CS-2 Instruction Manual


CS-1 - $1050
CS-2 - $1250

U.S. Shipping: $95



Available only directly from Wright Audio.


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