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The Wright Audio
Royale Stereo Amplifier Set

The Royale LT-6P Preamplifier and SE Power Amplifier


LT-6P Stereo Tube Preamplifier

Wright Audio LT-6P Preamplifier


LT-6P Preamplifier Front


Audio signals at the source components are at their most delicate.  It's at this earliest stage where tube-type pre-amplification seems to best preserve the signal's integrity. 

The Wright Audio LT-6P not only maintains signal integrity but also allows for Bass and Treble adjustment due to the wide variety of tonal balances in today's digital sources as well as the past's analog recordings.  Music lovers will especially appreciate the control over the widely varying tonal balances of vinyl records and digital internet sources.

The Bass and Treble Controls in this preamplifier are passive.  Other than the controls themselves and very few associated parts, there are no other devices dedicated to the tone control operation in the signal path. 

This approach is unlike traditional 'active' feedback-type controls which require an additional amplification stage in the signal path and its associated distortions which have given some audiophiles reason to dislike these controls.   The controls actually allow the line amplification stages to operate in an improved, better-sounding range.  This preamplifier actually sounds better with the controls than many which do not have them.

The preamplifier uses a vacuum tube, filtered power supply operating at less than one-sixth of its capacity to maintain the purity of the signal.  There are no solid-state devices in the preamplifier with the exception of the tube heaters' power supply.  Also, there are no circuit boards which allows for the possiblity of circuit and parts upgrades with relative ease in the future.

The capabilities of handling up to six inputs, two fixed-level outputs and two independently powered and isolated variable outputs provides maximum versatility for any installation.  Yet installing and using the preamplifier is completely intuitive.  With no illuminated displays, the front panel settings are visible from a few feet away even when the unit is powered off.

The LT-6P Stereo Tube Preamplifier offers the dynamics, soundstage dimensionality, nuance and clarity which make listening to music the indescribable joy it should be, especially when paired with the Royale SE Power Amplifier.



  • Controls:
    Source Selector (CD, Tuner, Video, Line 1, Line 2, Line 3)
    Fixed Level Output Switch
    Main Stereo Volume Control
    Separate Left and Right Channel Volume Level Preset Controls enables channel balance.
    Bass, Treble Controls

  • Preamplifier accommodates any line-level device with an analog audio output except Phono.  Six inputs.

  • Passive Fixed Level Output Switch selects between two outputs for use with a stand-alone headphone amplifier, any type of wireless transmitter, recording device or similar.  'Off' position isolates connected devices from each other and the preamplifier.  Preamplifier need not be powered on for this feature.

  • Two electrically isolated, but identical outputs for driving the power amplifier, a subwoofer system or other device.   Drives up to about 50 feet of low-capacitance cable into a minimum of 20K input impedance.

  • Individually-mounted, high quality RCA input and output jacks.

  • Tube complement: (2) ECC83 / 12AX7; (2) ECC81 / 12AT7 (1) GZ34 / 5AR4 rectifier.  Clear gray acrylic tube shields.

  • Heavy, one-eighth inch and .090 black hard-anodized aluminum panel construction with solid, dark oak side panels.

  • Overall Size:  17 1/2 W x 7 1/2 H x 13 1/2 D inches.  Allow two inches above unit for heat dissipation.

  • Vibration isolation feet.

  • Net Weight:  15 lbs.  Shipping Weight:  25 lbs.


  • For 120 Volts AC.  Detachable power cable.

  • Designed and assembled in the United States using U.S. and Global components.



Wright Audio LT-6P Preamplifier Back


The Wright Audio Royale LT-6P Preamplifier and SE Power Amplifier are sonically and electrically matched. 
Although the LT-6P Preamplifier is available separately,
the Royale SE Power Amplifier is available only with the Preamplifier as a set.


U.S. Continental Shipping $95

Total - $2345





Royale SE Stereo Single-Ended Triode-Connected Power Amplifier

Royale SE Power Oak


The Wright Audio Royale SE Power Amplifier is a single-ended, triode-connected tube stereo amplifier sonically and electrically matched to the Wright Audio Royale LT-6P. 

Due to the 'single-ended' circuitry, it has lower power output but is characterized by a much more vivid, clear and harmonically-rich sound with greater dimensionality than solid-state, Class D or higher-powered 'push-pull' amplifier types whether using tubes or transistors.

It requires being used with higher efficiency speakers having a sensitivity rating of at least 90 db / 1 watt / 1 meter for a satisfactory experience.  This sensitivity number will be found in the intended speaker's specifications.

This power amplifier provides greater clarity and more dynamics than other tube single-ended designs.  This is due to a careful selection of parts, a circuit topology and operating parameters all chosen for sound quality through extensive listening tests. 

Like all other Wright Audio amplifiers, polypropylene and foil capacitors and output transformers created for wide bandwidth and high resolution have been employed. 

The tubes are all biased into "Class A" service and the amplifier requires no maintenance or adjustment other than normal tube replacement.

There are no solid-state devices, integrated circuits, transistors or circuit boards anywhere in the amplifier.

The music signal directly passes through just two capacitors and two vacuum tubes per channel to preserve the integrity of the signal source.


  •  Frequency Response: 25 to 30,000 cycles, within 1 db.  7 watts per channel output.

  • Tube complement: (1) 6922 or 6N1P  (1) GZ34 / 5AR4, (2) KT77, 6CA7 or EL34-type tubes connected in triode mode.  No other tube numbers accommodated.

  • Vacuum tube, choke-filtered power supply provides higher resolution sound and slow warm-up for longer parts life.

  • 8 ohms speaker output.  4 and 16 ohm versions available. 

  • Gold - plated jacks and heavy-duty 30-amp rated 5-way binding posts accept banana plugs.

  • Externally - mounted fuse.

  • Detachable IEC power cable.

  • RoHS compliant parts used where applicable.

  • All point-to-point wiring.  Non-obsolescent construction with no circuit boards for ease of future upgrades.

  • Glossy black-anodized aluminum heavy-duty chassis (one-eighth inch thick top panel) for lowest electrical and mechanical noise. 

  • Size: 17 1/2" W x 13 3/4" D x 9" H

  • Weight: 34 lbs.

  • 120 volts, 50 / 60 Cycles.

  • THREE YEAR WARRANTY  (Tubes: 3 Months)

  • Designed and assembled in the U.S.A. with U.S. and Global components.



The Wright Audio Royale LT-6P Preamplifier and SE Power Amplifier are sonically and electrically matched.
Although the LT-6P Preamplifier is available separately,
the Royale SE Power Amplifier is available only with the Preamplifier as a set.

Royale LT-6P Preamplifier and SE Power Amplifier Set

$3750 + $185 U.S. Continental Shipping
Total - $3935



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